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Choosing Table Designs for Your Restaurant

Between crafting the menu and deciding on the overall ambiance of the dining area, there’s a lot of thought that goes into designing your restaurant. One aspect that must be considered is choosing the type of table design you want. While there are a number of options that are commonly used, selecting the tables that best match the aesthetic of your restaurant while keeping in mind the flow of traffic, you can choose the design that works best for you.

Design cohesiveness

It’s likely that you’re spending good money on the overall design and look of your restaurant, so don’t overlook how each element will look together to avoid a costly mistake. Whether you’re working with a designer or making the decisions on your own, make sure you have a singular design aesthetic in mind, and make all decor and furniture purchases accordingly. Tables can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, so there’s plenty of room to play with your design ideas and choose the option that will make the space feel welcoming and cohesive.

Floor plan

An important element of choosing a table design for your restaurant is keeping in mind the overall layout of the floor. Your wait staff will need to easily maneuver through the space with large and bulky trays without collision with patrons, furniture, or each other. So, selecting the table design that is appropriate for the space of the dining room is key to keeping the flow of traffic manageable, while still meeting all your design expectations.

Size & shape

For any restaurant, you will need to select the shape of the table you want, with the main options being round and oval, or square and rectangular. This decision has implications for the flow of traffic in the dining room, and also how many tables can fit into the space comfortably. Regardless of the tables you choose, many restaurants opt for tables in at least two sizes so they can accommodate both large and small parties.


In today’s day and age, many patrons, especially the younger demographic, visit restaurants for the overall experience. They’re often times looking for Instagrammable backdrops to showcase their latest eats just as much as they’re seeking out a tasty menu. By selecting a thoughtful table design that plays into the overall atmosphere of your restaurant, customers will snap photos of their meals and post them on social media, which can act as great organic promotion for your business. Considering both form and function, choosing the right table design for your new restaurant is a major decision you will need to make. Selecting the appropriate color and material, and whether you want a round or rectangular design are the major decision points when picking out the table design, no matter what type of establishment you run. From a local brewery to an upscale eatery, deciding on a table design is a crucial part of putting together the dining room of your restaurant.

Bailey Schramm is a writer in partnership with restaurant furnishings retailer, Table Bases.

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