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Indoor Garden: Tips for Bringing Outdoor Decor Indoors

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

‘Bringing the outdoors inside has long been a trend in modern homes. Indoor plants have their own section in any garden center, and people love to brighten up their spaces with a splash of greenery.

In fact, there have even been plenty of scientific studies showing the positive effects that indoor plants can have on people. They are proven to improve mental health by reducing stress levels and promoting peacefulness. Plants have even been shown to improve concentration and recall when used in classroom settings.

How can you bring more of nature into your home?

  • Maximize spaces for indoor plants. One very easy way to bring more nature into your home is by adding more plants and flowers! Replace any unwanted decor with a new indoor plant, and your space will be feeling more natural in no time. You can even explore plants that need humidity to go inside your bathrooms.

A collection of lush, green houseplants sitting on a wooden shelf in front of a sunny window
Variety of House Plants

  • Use natural materials for your indoor decor. Consider real wood worktops or stone basins. Any material that would usually be found outside would work. Adding a few of these features around your home would go a long way to creating a natural feel.

  • Avoid heavily manufactured flooring. Vinyl or laminate flooring is great, but not if you’re aiming for a natural feel inside your home. Materials like bamboo, cork, and real wood stay warm underfoot and give you the ‘outdoor’ feel you’re looking for.

A spacious, airy open concept living and dining room featuring floor-to-ceiling windows along the back wall overlooking a backyard
Open Concept Living/Dining Room with Large Windows

  • Invest in large windows and skylights. The sun’s natural light is an ever-present feature of nature! So, if you want your home to feel like a natural paradise, you’ll need to let sunlight into all areas of your home.

  • Make a vertical green wall. Vertical planters with plants like jasmine are a common feature in backyards, but why not do the same indoors? For a really impressive feature wall, try introducing vertical planters inside the home.

This spacious open concept kitchen/dining room has a lush living wall of natural plants
Open Concept Kitchen/Dining Room with a living wall

  • Add outdoor objects to your decor. Instead of a wicker basket full of manufactured potpourri, consider finding pinecones, chestnuts, or dried leaves from outdoors to decorate your home. If you live on the coast, you could do the same with sea shells!

The natural elements provide an autumnal decoration and signify the candle's warming cinnamon and oakwood scent
Scented Candle with Acorns and Cinnamon Sticks

Add bird feeders to your windows. If you enjoy seeing birds from the comfort of your home, add an outdoor bird feeder to encourage them to visit. This is another great way to introduce more interesting wildlife to your home.

To learn more about creating indoor gardens for your decor, click on the link below!

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