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The Best Colors for Your Bedroom Décor

Your bedroom is the most personal space of your entire home; it is that one area that you want to perfectly complement your personality and mood. Not just that, the colors that you pick for your room will determine how you would feel once you step in. For me, the bedroom is my sanctuary, an epicenter of serene and comfort; for others, it is the place that warms and cheers them up.

The contemporary master bedrooms are usually larger than other bedrooms at home, so you always have a lot of space to experiment with the colors. You can also combine and form different layers of colors to create your own customized and unique look.

So, if you want to use your bedroom to your full advantage, make sure you have these bedroom color guidelines in your mind.

Use Colors That Complement Each Other

If your bedroom includes a bathroom, sitting area and a dressing room, try to use a single tone for the whole space. This does not necessarily imply that the paint colors should match in all those spaces, rather, you should focus on using colors that really complement each other. The hack is to pick up a few accent colors in one room and use them in others to create a more unified look. This way you can make your bedroom your own personal retreat.

Choose The Right Shade

Now comes the more important part that we have already talked about, i.e., how you need to choose colors according to your mood. Most homeowners want their bedroom to be their blissful retreat, complemented by beautiful colors. But this does not necessarily mean that you cannot pick dark or bright colors. By using a palette of colors, you could incorporate them into your lamps, pillows, bed linens and other accessories. So, it is not necessarily for the wall paint to define the colors of your room.

However, if you pick a more neutral palette for the wall paint, you are giving yourself more opportunities to customize your bedroom according to your changing mood.

What is your inspiration?

Are you looking for a more colorful ambience for your room? Well, try green because it is one of those colors that’s eclectic, and both warm and cool. Then, you could also choose between different tints of green. The versatility of green lets you pattern your room in both traditional and modern style. Using bare wood and furniture with complementary colors could really pop up your room’s looks.

Red is also another great color that you could use for your room; however, tread with caution when it comes to red. This color is very stimulating and too much of it could be discomforting to the eyes. If you are going to use red, try to go with a muted tint, or use it as an accent wall.

Natural and soothing blues is our favorite as they are great for traditional bedrooms. So, if you have a backdrop for classic furnishing and antiques, try using deeper shades of blue.

If optimistic and relaxing is your desire, try using coral in your bedroom. It is colorful and lively; more stylish than orange, not as feminine as pink, and far less aggressive than red, coral evokes a feeling of relaxation.

Whichever color you choose to utilize in your bedroom, make sure it’s a reflection of your personality and it gives you warmth, relaxation and sanctuary.

If you need help picking colors or decorating your bedroom, feel free to contact us. Click on the contact us page and send us a note.

Happy Decorating!


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