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What to Do With Ugly Doorways

While your home might have the perfect decorations in every room, the doorway is often a space that gets neglected. Yet, dealing with ugly doorways isn’t as tricky of a design challenge as you might think. With just a few edits, you can decorate your doorway to make it stand out with these stylish design ideas.

1. Paint It Over

If you already painted the walls in color other than whites, go ahead and paint the doorway. Using a striking color to paint the doorway and walls can add a statement wall to any room. It also helps camouflage the door, particularly helpful when you don’t love the way the door looks anyways.

2. Add Plants

The doorway can be an excellent spot for plant lovers to add new greenery. Create an arch around your door using a trailing plant to bring the outdoors in truly. Use small hooks or Command strips to create your vining plant's path and secure all the vines in place. This decor element will continue to beautify your doorway for years to come.

3. Use a Curtain

There might be a doorway separating the two rooms. But, when you don’t want a door there, a curtain can help separate both spaces without totally disconnecting them from one another. Try a curtain in a bold color or perhaps a rich textile such as velvet or silk for a truly romantic look. Doorways don’t always need doors for privacy, and curtains can be better connectors.

4. Add Built-In Shelves

It’s common to forget about the space around a doorway – we mostly focus on the door alone. However, look at the bigger picture and integrate the walls around the door to create a statement. Use built-in shelves or bookcases to cover the walls around the door. This is a quick and functional way to decorate the doorway area.

5. Add a Mirror

For small spaces like a bedroom, bathroom, or mudroom, you can create the illusion of a bigger space using mirrors. Hang a mirror behind the door to instantly extend the room. Use a large mirror that covers the entire door, or add a mirror with a bold statement frame to add additional decorative elements to the doorway. It’s a simple and easy way to spruce up the room.

Geraldine Orentas is a writer in partnership with wrought iron door manufacturers, Abby Iron Doors.

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