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Investing in Your Living Room

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Getting the family together for quality time is always gratifying, and having a beautiful and cozy space where you can kick back takes the experience to a whole new level. While hiring an interior designer can sometimes be expensive, there is no better place in your home to splurge than in the main living areas. Below, we’ll discuss a few ways to invest in your living room to maximize comfort levels without compromising your budget.

Good investments


In your living room, one of the most important pieces to splurge on is the sofa. Investing in a comfortable and durable sofa or couch that can last years and endure the wear and tear of pets, guests, and children is a smart choice. Ranging in price, you can typically find sofas that match any budget, and it is a good use of your money to spend on the piece of furniture that gets the most use.


The right carpet or rug can elevate any living space, and is even better when it is soft and plush to the touch. Whether you find the perfect accent rug or a neutral carpet to be the base for your living room, invest in a quality and sturdy rug that can withstand heavy foot traffic while remaining a key styling point for the room.

Accent pieces

Finding a hallmark accent piece that perfectly encapsulates your style and aesthetic is no easy task. If you find an ideal media cabinet, a breathtaking painting, or a quirky light fixture that you can’t live without, don’t pass it over just because of the price tag. Investing in a few main accent pieces that catch the eye and emanate your style is a good use of your money, and can really make the room feel like it was custom made for you.

Where can you save?

Buying a budget-conscious option doesn’t mean it has to be low quality, and there are many places when styling your living room where you can opt for cheaper selections. Typically, when purchasing throw pillows and additional accessories, you can feel free to choose a budget option that matches your style without breaking the bank. For these lower-function items, you don’t need to buy the most expensive products to emanate a poised and refined style.

When making furniture and design purchases for our homes, we are investing in our spaces for the years to come. So, splurge where you can to pick up durable pieces that will last, and save on items that are filler or neutral background pieces. Putting together a cohesive space that matches your personality, achieves the level of comfort you’re looking for, and is within your budget will make spending time in your living room all the more satisfying.

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