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Rearranging Furniture to Host a Party

As you are making preparations for hosting a big party in your home, there are many things on your to-do list: grocery shopping, cleaning, decorating, cooking, and more. If you are worried that your home isn’t big enough to host the group, rest assured, knowing that a few minor changes to the furniture layout can make a big difference in the available space.

The truth is that moving the furniture might be just as important as the decorations and food you are serving. When you rearrange the furniture, it opens up the space so people feel more comfortable visiting and moving around. Instead of a tight, cramped space, you can create a large area where guests can move freely.

Strategic Seating Placement

The first thing to consider is where and how the seating is arranged. The goal is to offer places where people can sit down to take a load off their feet, while also facilitating conversation with the way the chairs are placed.

Most of the time, living rooms are set up with the couches facing the TV. But for a party, you’ll want to move the bigger pieces of furniture to the room's perimeter. Consider setting up smaller group sitting areas, such as chairs and couches in the corner with a small table where people can set up their drinks. Position the seats so they are facing each other.

Use Seating That Can Be Moved

While folding chairs aren’t the most stylish option, they are quite functional. The benefit of these lightweight chairs is that guests can move them around as needed. Consider using either folding chairs or small stools.

Not only is this type of seating flexible and easy to move, but small chairs and stools don’t take up much space in the room. Consider positioning them near the windows, fireplace, or counter.

Food and Drink Placement

It isn’t practical to set up a large table in the middle of the room because it will limit the way people can move around. An alternative is to use smaller carts. If the cart has wheels, then it can easily be moved as needed.

Smaller folding tables and end tables can be the perfect place to serve finger foods and drinks. The goal is to make the food accessible without disrupting the flow of movement in the room.

Try several different configurations with the furniture to find what works best for your space. Over time, you can invest in the right portable furniture, such as chairs and tables, that can be moved in and out as needed.

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