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Tips for Designing an In-Home Bar

Having a small bar in the house is suddenly an old trend we see everywhere. Whether you’re looking for a small bar cart placed by a corner nook, or you’re ready to turn that unused nook into a wet bar, here are some tips for designing your in-home bar like a professional.

1. Choose between a wet or dry bar

You must consider the plumbing situation before choosing a space to have a wet bar. When you have a wet bar, you have the convenience of having a sink in your bar area for cleaning. However, some people think the wet bar is outdated. Another option is to have a dry bar instead, where there’s no plumbing involved, and you could still add a dry sink to discard waste or keep your drinks chill. In the end, it’s a matter of preference.

2. Decide the layout based on its location

Your bar can be as big as a breakfast nook or as small as a bar cart. The layout and overall design will eventually be based on its location. Think about ceiling heights, electrical outlets, access to water lines, and available space when choosing where to place your bar. Most in-home bars reside within the wall or look like your traditional bar table.

3. Choose the right seating

Once you figure out the location, it’s easier to see what kind of seating you can pick. For example, the LEM piston stools are perfect for a modern in-home bar. Their low-back design makes them great for any home that already has a lot going on because it will let the eyes glance through the bar and get a look at the rest of the decor.

4. Make it match your home’s style

Whether you want to try a saloon look and feel for your home bar, at least choose materials cohesive with your home’s interior. For example, opt for a marble bar with straight edges and metal stools if you have modern decor. On the flip side, if your home’s interior is more rustic, you could get away with a weathered-wood bar instead.

5. Have fun with the decor

No matter where you place your bar, make it stand out with fun decor. Bring out movie posters, neon signs, memorabilia from your favorite sports, whatever it is that makes it feel yours uniquely. Having unique decor by your bar will help separate it from the rest of the home, so you can genuinely feel you’re at a bar while spending time there.

6. Invest in gadgets and bar appliances

Lastly, don’t skimp on gadgets and bar appliances. Even though you’ll have access to your kitchen, keeping things like wine coolers, draft beer dispensers, and other bar-only appliances nearby will make you enjoy this space much more. Ideally, you should have everything you need, so you don’t have to constantly run back and forth to the kitchen.

Geraldine Orentas is a writer from Happy Writers, Co.


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