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Affordable but Chic Bedroom Design

We spend a significant portion of each day in our bedrooms, so it only makes sense to give this space a refresh and upgrade every now and then. Regardless of the budget you’re working with, below we will describe a few chic but affordable bedroom design ideas that you may want to try out in your own home.

Shop your home

When beginning to redesign your bedroom, an effective and affordable first step can be to walk through your home and discover decor or furniture that you may not be utilizing fully or would be put to better use in your room. It’s likely that there are at least a few items with potential that you already own, but maybe they’ve become more of a dust collector recently. Identify paintings or lamps that you could spruce up, and give them a new home inside your bedroom to give yourself a chic, new look without a large price tag.

Create your own art

Though you may not consider yourself an artist, there are many online tutorials, stencils, or drawing guides that you can access for free and create your own art to use as wall decor. Creating a piece of art can add a personal touch to your bedroom, while also providing you with a cheap and custom way to acquire new artwork. Even still, it is easy to find free or cheap printable designs online that you can frame yourself if you are not feeling artistic.

Skim magazines & periodicals

While you may think to look through fashion and home decor magazines to find inspiration for design styles, you may also come across portraits, photos, and even advertisements that would look great on your bedroom walls. Giving your room a chic touch, this option is very affordable and you can continuously update and replace the art when you come across new pages that catch your eye.

Add mirrors

Especially in small spaces, finding a chic and elegant mirror can really open up the room and add an extra design element. While there are mirrors available to fit a range of budgets, this is a great addition to any bedroom, as it can show off other design elements, make the room feel bigger, and expand the natural light that shines into the space. Plus, you can shop thrift stores and flea markets for affordable but elegant finds.

There is no one way to define what chic bedroom design looks like, so putting your own unique flair on your room will make the space feel even more warm and inviting. So while there are many elements in our bedrooms that we should splurge on, like mattresses and bedding, when it comes to design, there are countless ways to upgrade your space no matter your budget.

Bailey Schramm is a writer in partnership with Checkworks personal and business checks.

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