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Facts About Bronx Architecture

Bronx Architecture

Appreciating the history and beauty of Manhattan, with the Chrysler Tower and the Empire State, is not enough to have all the experience of the great state of New York. The talented and legendary architects and interior designers near the Bronx have all added to a ubiquity of saturated vintage. With Art Deco structures and mounds of history behind them, the Bronx enters to give the beauty of architectural design that many tourists and even locals may not fully recognize. Read below to learn some interesting facts about the Bronx architecture and where to find it.

1. Brutalism

A highly controversial architectural style, Brutalism gets its name from the French word “beton brut,” meaning exposed concrete. The style is all about cement and block-like forms exhibiting power and rawness. Visit the Bronx Community College to see this architectural style in full.

2. Art Deco

While New York and Art Deco go hand in hand, most people think about the Chrysler Building and not The Bronx when they think about Art Deco. Still, the Grand Concourse in The Bronx contains over 300 Art Deco buildings, one of the largest concentrations in the US. Step inside any building and be blown away by the Art Deco details and decor of each lobby.

3. Art Moderne

Perhaps it was the French inspiration of the era between World Wars I and II, but the Bronx is one of the best places to find Art Moderne architecture. Stop by the majestic apartments around 72nd Street to see these by yourself. Art Moderne architecture emphasized soft curves and long horizontal lines, very different from the geometrical patterns common in Art Deco.

4. Postmodern

When people think about The Bronx, they often think of pre-war buildings and architecture. However, postmodern architecture is very much alive in this area of New York. As the name suggests, postmodern architecture emerged in opposition to the dogmatic style after World War II. It adheres to the mantra that “less is more.” In The Bronx, you can find this architecture in iconic buildings like the Bronx Child & Family Mental Health Center or the Bronx County Hall of Justice.

Next time you visit New York, carve some time of your stay to walk through the Grand Concourse neighborhood and discover the Bronx architecture by yourself.

Geraldine Orentas is a writer in partnership with Faxage online faxing service.

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