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How to Use Pantone’s Fall/Winter 2022 Colors

It’s that time of year again–Pantone has just released the color trends for New York Fashion Week for autumn and winter 2022. Characterized by a bright orange, vibrant violet, emerald green, and a variety of neutrals, there are many ways that you can use these signature colors in your interior in the coming seasons.

Continue reading below as we provide you with some examples of how you can showcase the season’s trendiest colors in your home.

Lava Falls

The first shade we’ll discuss is Lava Falls, a bright red color. Whether you want to go big with a Lava Falls statement wall or stick to furniture pieces in this deep red, there are many opportunities to showcase this color in the coming fall and winter.

Arctic Wolf

One of the neutrals that Pantone highlighted for this season, Arctic Wolf is a soft white shade that will be very popular over the coming months. This is a classic, timeless shade that looks great in a number of different textures, fabrics, and styles.

So, look for accent items like vases or side tables, or even larger items like couches and coffee tables in Arctic Wolf.

Rose Violet

Over the coming fall and winter, Rose Violet will be widely featured on the runway and in interiors. A vibrant fuchsia, Rose Violet can be used to give any room a pop of color. Either through panel curtains, floral arrangements, or other accessories, Rose Violet will surely be a seasonal favorite.

Orange Tiger

Another vibrant shade, Orange Tiger can be showcased in your home in various ways. Lamps or rugs that feature designs and patterns in this bright orange color can be a great addition, in addition to larger accent pieces like dining tables or bookshelves.

Loden Frost

This calm, green shade is one of the earth tones that Pantone is showcasing this season. Pairing well with other colors and neutrals, Loden Frost can be featured in your interior either through greenery and house plants, or other accessories like accent chairs or stools.

Among these brilliant shades, other colors like Autumn Blonde, Polar Night, and Samoan Sun were featured by Pantone for this season’s color trends, and can easily be incorporated into your home’s design over the coming year.

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