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Interior Design Trends for Fall 2022

This fall, there are plenty of fun and interesting design trends that people are incorporating into their interiors. So let’s take a look at some of the season’s hottest trends that you can consider in your own home.

Incorporate Dark and Moody Colors

Coming off a year where earthy, natural tones have been all the rage, this fall, moody colors will soon take over. These darker shades like navy blue and charcoal grey can prepare us for winter while bringing an air of intimacy to any space.

Utilize a Variety of Textures

Mixing accessories and design elements of all different shapes and sizes will continue to be a pillar of Fall 2022 interiors. Adding woven elements, natural woods, and varying fabrics are all ways that you can incorporate this trend into your own home. So, as you’re swapping out throws, curtains, rugs, and other accessories for weightier versions for the colder months, consider mixing textures to add depth to your home’s design.

Add Marble Features

Having the ability to elevate any space, marble is always a classic staple, though it will be particularly prominent this fall. Adding sophistication and asymmetry to your space, marble elements like countertops, dining tables, and other design elements can be very impactful.

Mix Outdoor and Indoor Elements

Bringing the outdoors in was a feature of this summer’s design trends, and it looks like it’s not going away for the fall. Incorporating natural and biophilic design elements, you can find ways in your home to mix these two spaces and blend the delineation of outdoor and indoor areas.

Showcase Gold Accents

With its warm undertones, gold is going to be widely utilized this coming fall. Not only do gold accent pieces reflect the fall sunlight, but they also make any space look elegant and luxurious. So try to incorporate gold pieces like vases or photo frames, or you can even change out your drawer pulls and cabinet knobs with gold hardware.

With each of the above design trends, your home is set to look stylish and cozy as the fall approaches. So, don’t be afraid to try some of these out for yourself, and take your home’s fall design to the next level.

Bailey Schramm is a writer in partnership with Ximplifi vacation rental accounting services.

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