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New York Kitchen Design Trends

From New Rochelle kitchen designers to loft nook decorators in the Big Apple, there are a number of trends hitting kitchens across New York state this summer. So, no matter how big or smedium your kitchen is, let’s take a look at some of the hottest designs that people are enjoying in the Empire State right now according to New Rochelle kitchen designers.

Organic Colors & Texture

As white minimalism trends go by the wayside in 2022, organic colors, textures, and layers continue to emerge and bring a sense of warmth to the kitchen. Using natural and mixed materials gives any space some added depth, which can be especially impactful in a cramped kitchen.

Greens, oranges, and yellows are all here to stay this year, as people continue to embrace outdoor influences in their kitchens.

No Hardware

Say goodbye to bold and ornate hardware–New Yorkers are ditching the cabinet knobs and pulls in favor of a more sleek and no hardware look. From hidden pulls and notches built into the cupboard doors to touch-to-open cabinets,

New Rochelle kitchen designers make it clear that this allows other design elements of the kitchen to stand out more.


In favor of increased functionality without compromising design and appearance, tasteful storage solutions are seeing an uptick across the state. These products help to decrease the appearance of clutter in such a busy space, while also adding more design elements to tie in the overall look of the kitchen.

Stackable, square containers are in trend, as well as clever pantry storage designs, according to New Rochelle kitchen designers.

Blending Styles

Another growing trend among New Yorkers today is the tendency to blend styles over favoring just one. This gives the kitchen a timeless feel, and allows people to select their favorite aspects about each style to create one that’s unique to them.

A favorite in the state today is to blend industrial with modern, while New Rochelle kitchen designers point out that other popular styles like Scandinavian and shabby chic are common in New York kitchens. Of course, there’s always a balance to strike to avoid too much clutter and noise, but

Especially throughout the pandemic, kitchens became New Yorkers’ hub for all things work, family, and social gatherings. As you look to make renovations in the space or give the room a facelift, consider some of the latest trends listed here to give your kitchen a modern touch.

Bailey Schramm is a writer in partnership with Werever outdoor kitchen cabinets.

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