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Using Summer Tones and Textures in Interior Design

A new season is approaching, with warmer weather, longer days, and outdoor living making a comeback as summer sets in. If you’re looking to give your home’s design a revamp that’s cool and refreshing for the summer, continue reading below as we describe some of the best ways to redesign a home interior for the summer months.

Earth tones

Including more earth tones in your home’s design throughout the summer is a great way to give your space an organic and natural feel as we integrate more with the outdoors over the coming months. Earth tones can make any space feel calm and laid back given the more muted color palette, which allows you to play more with textures and fabrics for added depth.


Adding texture to any space, concrete is a great addition to the design of your home, especially in the summer months as we’re looking for elements that can be cool and refreshing as the temperatures rise outside. Concrete today can be used for much more than just industrial projects–it can be stamped, polished, and more to bring a unique feel to any room.

Natural materials

Incorporating natural and organic materials inside is what a summertime interior design refresh is all about. Embracing rougher fabrics, woven elements, and unfinished edges can give your home a natural feeling and elevate your space.

Materials like jute, rattan, and wood are all heavy staples for decor and design elements during the summer, so try some of these pieces out for yourself to make your home resort-like and inviting all summer long.

Breezy fabrics

Utilizing more lightweight and airy fabrics during the summer helps the home feel more refreshing and cheery. Materials like silk, linen, and cotton all provide the right amount of breathability while still inviting you to play with texture and create a sophisticated look for your home. Between curtains, throws, and pillow covers, there are plenty of areas in your home where you can add more breezy fabrics during the coming months.

Summer is a time for outdoor living and connecting with nature after being holed up all winter long. By bringing the outside in and embracing natural palettes, fabrics, and materials, we can embrace all the warmth this season brings while keeping things cool and relaxed indoors.

Bailey Schramm is a writer in partnership with outdoor and recreational fabric retailer, Seattle Fabrics.

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