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Eclectic Fusion Design: What is it? And How to Incorporate it into Your Decor

Never heard of eclectic fusion design before? It’s a great way to introduce new design styles to your home without needing to commit to a single style.

Taken from the Greek ‘eklektikos’, which translates to ‘selective’, the key to an eclectic design style is to pick and choose your favorite properties from multiple design styles. For example, you could pick some classic Bohemian patterns and place them alongside a colorful ‘glam eclectic’ piece to create contrast.

Here are the basic characteristics of eclectic design:

  • Eclectic design must involve mixing different visual elements to create a maximalist effect. These elements can include textures, patterns, colors, prints, and many more. The key to eclecticism is to mix things that would not normally be considered compatible.

  • As well as fusing designs, a cornerstone of eclecticism is mixing elements from different time periods. This could involve placing a minimalist coffee table placed next to a vintage sofa.

  • Eclectic design is not simply throwing things together randomly. Great examples of eclectic fusion design would have subtle properties in common such as colors, shades, or textures.

How to create an eclectic decor

Interested in trying your hand at eclectic fusion design? Here are a few tips to get you started!

  • First of all, make sure that you do have a unifying feature across your elements. Perhaps the color yellow might repeat across a rug, lampshade and pillow. Despite the fusion of different design elements, sharing the color yellow should help to tie your room together.

  • You should also look to repeat any mismatches in your decor. Pairing a couple of different textures together is much easier on the eyes when it is a common theme across the home.

  • It’s also important to include some negative space in your eclectic design. Despite your excitement to start mixing elements together and making a bright, lively space, you should make sure you leave some empty or neutral spaces to give your eyes a rest. This will help your eclectic design to stand out even more!

  • It is important to note that eclectic style differs from Bohemian, although both center around a somewhat ‘chaotic’ theme. While Bohemian design celebrates a relaxed approach to rules, a truly eclectic design will always be carefully thought out.

Jack Vale is a writer in partnership with Ximplifi vacation rental accounting.

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